Trading Psychology and Methodology

  1. Currency Pair Analysis: Perform a world class analysis to determine which currency pairs have the greatest profit potential.

  2. Trade Management: Trade management techniques to take the most of each trade when the market moves on their favor.

  3. Study the Market: Entry system adapts to the current market conditions, follow the market instead of guessing.

  4. Risk Management: Risk management techniques to set stop loss and take profit orders at optimal levels. Accept risk and feel comfortable with their trading, they know it’s the only way to get consistent results.

  5. Money management techniques to allow the geometric growth of their account and avoid the risk of ruin.

Long-term analysis: Methodology to determine which currency pairs have the greatest profit potential.

Short-term analysis: Entry systems: breakout, retracement and continuation price action entries.

Capital management: Determine the formula that you will use to decide how much capital to risk on each trade.

Trade management: Strategies to manage trades, when to scale in and scale out of trade and more.

Risk management: Optimal levels to set stop loss, take profit levels, trailing stop to help you reduce risk.

Trading psychology: what needs to know to accept risk and feel comfortable about every trading decision made.

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