How To Survive In Your First Year As A Trader

Forex trading as well as all other trading requires deep knowledge about the market. One must have some strategies and techniques for accurate trading. Equidious Forex Signal is a good platform with a great team of analysts who can guide you which signal to invest in and when. This is the most important and key step of Trading, i.e, WHAT and WHEN.

As a beginner, the first year of trading plays some crucial roles in traders style. Following are the Do's and Don'ts, a trader must keep in mind in order to survive in the most volatile market.

Expectations Don'ts:Expecting to double the account within first year of trading. Then get discouraged easily. Dos: When Starting out, ONLY have to focus on NOT LOSING all your money so that you can keep trading and learning.

Right Focus Don'ts:Endlessly Testing different indicators and strategies.Making changes after each loss. Dos: Pick ONE approach and trading style. Learn as much as you can.Avoid system hopping and get-rich-quick schemes.

FIND A MENTOR Don'ts: Believe in fake promises of free signal providers and follow them blindly. Many scammers promises for big return and ruin your money or even blow your account.

Do's: Follow the best signal provider which works more on Risk Analysis, Money Management and expert analysis. Try Equidious Forex Signals for best forex and comex signals.

LEARN YOUR CRAFT Don'ts: Blindly Using Indicators without questioning what your tools are &why things do the way you do them. Do's: Learn and understand each tool according to trading strategies and trading style.

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Happy Trading!