Forex trading as well as all other trading requires deep knowledge about the market. One must have some strategies and techniques for accurate trading. Equidious Forex signals guide you which signal to invest in and when. This is the most important and key step of Trading, i.e, WHAT and WHEN.

As a beginner, the first year of trading plays some crucial roles in traders style. Following are the Do's and Don'ts, a trader must keep in mind in order to survive in the most volatile market.

Do's and Don'ts in 1st year of trading- P.C.: Equidious Research

Expectations Don'ts:Expecting to double the account within first year of trading. Then get discouraged easily. Dos: When Starting out, ONLY have to focus on NOT LOSING all your money so that you can keep trading and learning.

Right Focus Don'ts:Endlessly Testing different indicators and strategies. Making changes after each loss. Dos: Pick ONE approach and trading style. Learn as much as you can.Avoid system hopping and get-rich-quick schemes.

FIND A MENTOR Don'ts: Believe in fake promises of free signal providers and follow them blindly. Many scammers promises for big return and ruin your money or even blow your account.

Do's: Follow the best signal provider which works more on Risk Analysis, Money Management and expert analysis. Try Equidious Forex Signals for best #forex and #comex #signals.